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Why zig when you can zag? Ignoring the shift to digital, the Letterbox Media group was established in 2009 when the founders saw a gap in the market for traditional letterbox delivered response media. Drawing from key learnings, Australia Post was contracted to perform all distribution work to ensure a reliable, consistent and optimised response for every catalogue, flyer and brochure that Letterbox Media was responsible for. This strong relationship continues through to this day.

Now with over 150 active clients at any time, ranging from multinationals to SME's, spanning every business category across services and retail, Letterbox Media is poised for further growth as marketers adopt a more balanced mix of media options, including the letterbox, to drive response and sales (instead of clicks and likes!)

Our Letterbox Solutions

Advertising Catalogues (Sydney)
Letterbox Deals

Delivered by Australia Post to over 500,000 Sydney homes every 2 months, Letterbox Deals puts your business in front of potential customers across an optimised Sydney metro area for greater exposure at a lower cost. Want to find out more? Go to www.letterboxdeals.com.au

Print & Distribution (National)
Letterbox Direct

At Letterbox Media, we specialise in unaddressed mail marketing, from print right through to distribution using Australia Post's Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS).
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0 More than 150 active clients.
0 Million articles per year.
0 All your letterbox marketing needs (mapping, print, coordination, booking) in one convenient location.


Letterbox Media has strategic relationships in place with printers and Australia Post based on huge volumes.

Our clients can take advantage of our volumes to access cost-effective letterbox advertising solutions and enjoy the response benefits of Australia Post delivery that may otherwise be unattainable. We are experienced, consultative and we care about your results, as we want to see you again. It’s another reason why we exclusively use Australia Post to deliver.

Whether you are a small business looking to reach a tightly defined territory, or a national business with multiple branches and outlets, using Australia Post UMS system we will provide geographic mapping and distribution volumes of specific localities or postcodes to assist in maximising your campaign response.

Mapping We map your desired marketing areas and determine final distribution numbers

Bookings We book and co-ordinate all aspects of distribution via Australia Post

Why Letterbox Advertising?

Despite the emergence of a multitude of advertising channels, letterbox advertising remains one of the most influential, engaging and effective channels in reaching new and existing customers. And with 99% of Australians checking their letterbox daily2, letterbox advertising consistently:

Drives information search

44% of consumers visited a store and 60% visited a website as a result of the letterbox advertising they received1.

Engages with consumers

60% of consumers shared unaddressed mail articles with other members of the household and 87% talking to someone after seeing something promoted in letterbox advertising1.

Prompts purchasing actions

42% of Australians purchased products or services as a result of receiving some form of letterbox advertising2.

of online search is driven by offline messages. Of this, 39% ultimately make a purchase4
of Australians stored the unaddressed mail they received for later reference3
Australians threw their mail away without opening/viewing it3
of recipients read letterbox advertising as soon as they received it1

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2 Letterbox Advertising: Connect with more people in more places, Australia Post, February 2015
3Better connections: Less clutter, more engagement, Australia Post, July 2014
4Value of Paper and Print, “Industry Report 2014”

Why Australia Post?

Through our association with Australia Post, Letterbox Media offers opportunities for businesses to realise the true potential of the letterbox. Utilising Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS), Letterbox Media can maximize your campaign response through:

Greater Reach

  • Reach consumers within an specific postcode or locality, or anywhere up to 11.3 million delivery points across Australia2
  • Target private or business addresses, or both.
  • Access letterboxes in entire metro areas or more remote regional territories.

Higher Cut-through

Delivery with regular addressed mail, and not wrapped up in other catalogues or in junk mail slots, gets your message noticed

  • 83% of Australians bring the letterbox advertising they receive with regular addressed mail into the household1
  • An average of only 8.7 unaddressed mail articles are delivered per household per week3
  • The uncluttered nature of the letterbox provides exceptional cut-through for advertisers.

Unrivalled Reliability

Utilising Australia Post’s trusted distribution network ensures your message is delivered with a level of reliability and accuracy that a typical Walker model cannot provide.

of Australians agreed that they use catalogues to locate and purchase items on special offer1
of Australians spent up to 20 minutes per week reading the unaddressed mail articles (catalogues, flyers, brochures) they received1
of retail shoppers say they browse a catalogue prior to making purchases4
of advertising material makes it into the home when delivered with the regular mail, and only Australia Post can offer this solution1

1Better Connections: How Letterbox Advertising Engages and Drives Purchasing Behaviour, Australia Post, October 2014
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Our Clients Say

  • “We have used Letterbox Direct for the last two years. Our Account Manager introduced this advertising strategy for our Whale Watching business, and it has been hugely successful. Every campaign our phone rings off the hook, with excited customers keen to make bookings. They took the time to explain the whole process & Letterbox Direct is now one of the main sources of income for our business.”
    Angela Del Bianco | Owner/Operator | Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching
  • “We have repeatedly used Letterbox Deals over the past two years to advertise our business in Western Sydney. Throughout multiple campaigns, Letterbox Deals have helped to consistently bring new customers through our doors. I would recommend them to any business looking to broaden their market and attract new customers.”
    Matthew Neasey | Shop Manager | The Steggles Shop
  • “Letterbox Direct were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Having never used letter box drops before, we found Letterbox Deals very helpful as they guided us through the whole process. From printing, to bundling, to distribution, Letterbox Direct made the process easy and stress free. The results we achieved from a DL Easter brochure were fantastic. We had lots of people through the door carrying their flyer and inquiring about the printed offers. Thanks again Letterbox Direct.”
    Melissa Sparrow | Digital Marketing Coordinator | Outdoor Living Direct
  • “The results we have achieved from UMS delivery of our flyers booked through Letterbox Direct has been consistently good and the Letterbox Direct team have made the process very easy by assisting with advice, postcode selections and great service.”
    Nikita Blom | Local Marketing Manager | Grill'd

The A Team


Jamie Bakewell - Director

Jamie Bakewell


Adrian Carle - Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Adrian Carle

Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Chris Payle - Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Chris Playle

Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Miranda van Son - Design & Print Manager

Miranda van Son

Design & Print Manager

Lachlan Vacchini - Marketing & Production Manager

Lachlan Vacchini

Marketing & Production Manager

Scott Campbell - Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Scott Campbell

Letterbox Direct – Sales Manager

Mehmet Yagci - Accounts & Finance

Mehmet Yagci

Accounts & Finance


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